Two Room

All staff in the Two Room have a wealth of experience with young children.  We have fun-filled days with a range of activities for the children to join in with.  We also have time for them to make their own choices about where they want to work and play, (child-initiated activities).

Our Day

  • Staff welcome children at 8.45am or 12.30pm
  • Free play, child-initiated session
  • Carpet session for welcome songs and register
  • Outside session on the daily mile track, in the MUGA, on bikes or in the garden.
  • Fruit and snack time 10.15am or 2.15pm
  • Directed focus activity (e.g., physical exercise, creative fun) 9.45am or 1.45pm
  • Story time 11.30am or 3.15pm

Kit List- please name all items

  • Water bottle filled each day with fresh water only please
  • Slippers
  • Wellies
  • Bag of spare clothes (pants, socks, trousers/skirt and top)
  • Nappies & wipes each day in a bag OR a pack of nappies and wipes, whichever suits you
  • Tea time club from 3.30pm until 4.30pm (additional wrap around until 6.00pm is available with one weeks notice)