Values and Ethos

At Priorslee Academy we wish to encourage and foster the development of each child intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally within a caring atmosphere. We shall strive to make our school a caring community and our children sensitive to the needs of others; a community in which all members have a sense of fairness and justice and that the contribution of each member is valued.

This, we believe, will lead to a high standard of behaviour and the promotion of good manners and courtesy in every area of school life.  It is now law that there will be no corporal punishment.

We shall nurture attitudes of tolerance, co-operation, perseverance, independence and responsibility, vital not just for your child whilst at Priorslee Academy, but also for their life ahead.  We hope the children will be able to relate to others individually and in groups and that they will be able to form sound relationships.  Our aim is to develop in children lively inquiring minds and the ability to apply themselves to tasks.  We hope the children will acquire knowledge and skills relevant to life with the ability to use language and mathematics effectively.  Our aim is to instil respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life.  We aim to develop each child to his / her maximum potential in all curriculum areas and encourage each child to be the best they can be.