Gifted and Talented

Mighty Oaks Multi Academy Trust values all children equally and endeavours to ensure that each child should have the opportunity to realise his/her potential in a challenging and supportive environment.

Our school will have, at any time, talented or gifted pupils, some of whom may be exceptionally able and this may be in one or more areas of learning. We believe that we can make a difference in enabling these pupils to achieve the greatest possible progress. We recognise the value and importance of identifying and celebrating their achievements and successes. Research has shown that by making provision for gifted and talented, the standards and achievements are raised for all pupils.

“Creating a culture of scholarship is really important, embedding learning and giving youngsters a sense of confidence, especially if they come from poor backgrounds.” Sir Michael Wilshaw.

Our definition of ability recognises academic and practical performance as well as those who show outstanding artistic, musical and creative talent, physical skills, leadership qualities and the ability to process ideas and information.

Gifted and Talented Register

The school keeps a register of all children who have been identified as gifted/or talented. Children can be nominated for inclusion on the register by staff, specialist teacher, peers or parents/carers. The register is updated yearly and parents/carers are notified by the school if their child has been added to the register.

Please note that the register is a working document and that children can move onto as well as off it, according to their current learning needs therefore your child will not necessarily remain on it indefinitely. Your class teacher will notify you of this if it does occur.

Provision within School

Where a child is gifted or talented in one or more areas, they will be supported with high expectations and differentiated work and planning within the classroom wherever possible. Teachers and subject leaders should seek to use a variety of techniques and strategies to provide for the ‘gifted’ child. Outside agencies or secondary schools may be contacted to provide these pupils with more opportunity to pursue work at their own level.

Provision outside School

The most effective support the school can provide to parents of ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ children is via open communication of information about progress and strategies adopted.

The school will need to make use of:

  • Subject specialists,
  • Visiting experts,
  • Specialist clubs and societies,
  • National Associations,
  • The Internet/technology.


Mensa :

Potential Plus UK: 

Online Resources:

Gifted:   Persuasive Letter

Talented:   Children are working in small groups with Mr Walker to develop their  sportsmanship, leadership, and physical talents. Where we are unable to support them in their specific area of talent, (swimming or horse riding) we will support them to transfer skills from one sport to another.